Ornis Fennica

Update on 13th January 2022

Ornis Fennica has changed to a new submission system and website which can be found at https://ornisfennica.journal.fi/. This change to a more modern submission system will serve both authors, reviewers and editors, and has been facilitated by the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies.

Starting from January 2022, Patrik Karell will take the responsibility as the new Editor-in-Chief. Former Editor-in-Chief Suvi Ruuskanen wishes to thank all readers, authors, reviewers and editors for the past five years, and feels honoured to be a part of the long history of Ornis Fennica, a Finnish ornithological journal.

This website will no longer be updated but will serve as an archive during the transition period.

Ornis Fennica is a peer-reviewed international ornithological journal published by BirdLife Finland. Ornis Fennica publishes analytical and experimental papers on the ecology, behaviour and biogeography of birds. Ornis Fennica prefers studies concerning Fennoscandian species, but other novel contributions of general interest are most welcome as well.

Ornis Fennica is an open-access journal without page charges for publication. All published articles (from 1924 onwards) are freely available from the journal website. First decisions are usually made within three months of submission.

Our peer-review process follows the principles outlined by the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies. From No. 4/2015 onwards, all peer-reviewed publications in the journal are marked with a peer-review label (https://www.tsv.fi/en/services/label-for-peer-reviewed-scholarly-publications).

White-tailed Eagle ) Arto Juvonen

BirdLife Finland and Ornis Fennica acknowledge Selengemurun Dembereldagva for scanning and digitalizing all Ornis Fennica issues published prior to 2005, and the Otto A. Malm Foundation for financially supporting the scanning process.


Frequency: Quarterly

Edited by: Suvi Ruuskanen

Impact Factor (2017): 1.39

ISSN 0030-5685